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Written by: Adré Müller

Photos: Adre Muller and One Cart


We have all heard of the online shopping lingo, but who has really invested in this concept? Yes, we are sceptical by nature and we like to be in control. One Cart offers online shopping convenience at the next level of customer satisfaction. The following steps will help you to secure your grocery online shopping in a jiffy and save you all the time in the world.

Let’s get started:

  1. Go to the following link fill in your details (this is a once off)

  2. Fill your One Cart just like an online store, the amazing part is that they have partenered with brands like Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, Pets, FitChef, Booze and Dischem.

  3. You can switch between shops as well, sparing you all the time in the world driving to various shops, let’s be honest no one really just sticks to one brand.

  4. Safely checkout, kick back and relax.

What I love about this store:

  1. Convenient shopping.

  2. Shipping is very reasonable and you can also decide the delivery time and date I was super impressed with the SMS notification I got to say that they are 5minutes away from my house.

  3. Orders can reach you within 2 hours of placing them, of course, this has to be done the same day and before 5pm.

  4. Then there is this feature that allows you with one click to order your exact order of the previous month.

  5. Out of stock items can be somewhat frustrating but One Cart has a plan. Once you’re done shopping and ready to checkout, proceed to view cart. In the cart page, you will notice a ‘Substitute options’ button and an ‘Add instruction’. You will then be provided with x3 substitute options. You may also choose not to substitute.

Using One Cart is a no-brainer, the other day my husband phoned to say that we will have guests over. I already had plans so I got all the goods from booze to desert delivered at my work, I didn’t have to run around or cancel my nail appointment and delivery was less than R100. This makes life so convenient when you really need an extra set of hands. I don’t even know why you are still reading and not busy shopping……


One Cart: We shop for you, no traffic, no parking, no worries.

Psssstt your first delivery is free just use “free delivery” coupon code.

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