Girl power

Girl Power

Happy Women’s Month! Over the years, celebrating National Women’s Day on 9 August has become more and more significant to me. Why? Well, as I grow into the woman I am, I realise just how much courage and fervour it takes to be the best version of yourself. And with each passing year, I see that same courage and fervour in the women who surround me. From close friends to even closer family members, knowing a lot of fierce, independent women has driven me to evolve into one myself.

Tapping into their strengths, this post is dedicated to three wonderful ladies who changed my life for the better.

My Best Friend

I am fortunate enough to have not one, but three girls I call my best friends. But the tour de force I’m writing about today is my favourite Capetonian and long-distance friend, Raynique. In a few short years, I’ve watched her grow into a proud, hardworking woman who doesn’t back down for any challenge. Her resilience and passion are what inspire me to keep pushing forward, and her successes subsequently fuel my own. Looking at our friendship, there’s always this one quote that comes to mind: There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.

My Mother

What Women’s Day post would be complete without a mention of the woman who has been there from the start? Having been by my side for the past 23 years, my mom has seen the best and worst of me. Growing up under her wing, she encouraged me to be bold and independent, and after leaving the nest, she cheered me on as I tested my own boundaries and tried new things – always remaining just a phone call away with a few kind words whenever I wavered. Her strong will is what I carry with me. Through her, I, too, have become a force to be reckoned with. And I will continue to grow in her image. I love you, Mom!


My Colleague

Being in the media industry, I am constantly surrounded by powerful women who all work hard toward achieving their goals. One such lady is my first-ever “office mom” and dear colleague, Roline. Her wisdom spans far beyond the workplace, inspiring me to learn as much from her as I possibly can. She is one of the strongest women I know, with a warrior heart that never falters. Am I too old to say that I want to be like her when I grow up?

In the end, this post isn’t enough to express my love for all of the wonderful women who continue to inspire me. I will be raising me glass high and proud as I to all of you come Women’s Day.


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A Joburg-based copy editor with a love for the finer things in life, Nicole’s experience span across various plains, from journalism, marketing and photography to events and social media management. Wanting to explore the world through her solo travels, she spends her days gallivanting off on different adventures – always capturing the best moments through her lens. She’s also a true epicurean at heart and loves to cook up a storm. After-hours she’s a painter, meditator, tea drinker and plant collector. Her motto? Happiness is subjective, who cares what anyone else thinks?


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