B'loved gets you in front of your clients.


B’Loved is a digital platform and we do things differently!
You might be thinking:
“The last thing the internet need is another directory”
And we agree!

Here's the deal

YOU deliver the service. WE do the marketing

1. WE pay a full-time marketer. YOU don’t have to

2. YOU get 20% discount on all workshops and conferences

3. YOU guide us to develop technologies to uplift the industry and secure YOUR passion

4. YOU are 1 of 5 EXCLUSIVE suppliers in YOUR industry in YOUR region.

*Your listing will communicate if you DO travel to other regions etc.

We are a digital platform and we want to change the way the business works.

We’ve been working hard to build relationships and establish a great culture and engagement within our audience.
An audience that is willing and ready to do business with you.


B’loved makes sure that we put you ahead. We want to create amazing features with you that showcase your unique style and talents. You’ll become a part of a #dreamteam.

What do you Get?

Get Listed

Create a listing that you can update anytime you want.

Generate quality leads that more easily convert to sales as they can see your trustworthy score.

Grow Your Business

You get a 20% discount on all exclusive workshops and conferences.

We are focused on developing wedding entrepreneurs.

Get Featured

We’ll get your listing and work in front of the eyes that deserve your talents.
Submit the weddings that you were a part of.
Be a part of our exclusive styled stories
Be featured on our social media platforms.

Which regions do we cover?

We offer 5 EXCLUSIVE listings in your region for over 17+ categories.


We’ve divided our Provinces into Regions each with their 5 exclusive listings.
Click to see your region near you.

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Payment Options


Annual Plan - Paid Monthly

R300 per month –
for 12 months


Annual Plan

R2500 per year