An out of this world experience

Bonjour and Bon Appetite 

Dinner time stories (#dinnertimestoriessa) have been my most memorable food experience to date. Going to the event my hubby and I did not know what to expect at all. 

As soon as you enter the venue you are already experiencing a relaxed mood and setting. The music enlightens the room and for some reason, I wanted to reach for my purse to have my passport stamped. The host welcomes you to the life of a traveller and tells stories that colour your mind with rainbows of lovely images.

A beautiful amuse-bouche is delivered by the cabin crew, as you sail the seven seas so blue. As you open your first food experience you are confronted with Peter Pan and the stormy life of Captain Hook himself.

To accompany the meal, you get the salty waters out of your throat with a mouth full of Le Courier Chenin Blanc. 

Le Petit Chef embarks on his travels and takes you to a night of colour as you enter Arabian nights. Magic carpets, shishas and camels are extravagantly put together and as you unpack the box of Arabic food, you can’t help but look around to see if Aladdin and the blue Genie will be joining you for dinner. 

To accompany the meal and to get the desert sand out of your throat you end the dryness with a mouth full of The Smous Sauvignon Blanc wine.

The wonders of a big bird and little chef continues as you see a cloud of spice filling the air, with a burst of electric colours. To India we go and as your cabin crew appears you also smell the rich aromas that are synonym with this food culture. 

To accompany the meal and the colourful spices you get a mouth full of The Anvil Shiraz.

The chills are in the air. The room goes all white and big mountains appear covered in snow. Time to clean the pallet with a refreshing lemongrass sorbet and beautifully decorated theatrics, making the experience just so much more dramatic and allowing for bears to hibernate just a little bit longer.

To accompany the sorbet and warm up the chills you get a mouth full of The Fat Man Pinotage wine.

The chimes and dongs are loud, dragons blazing, and a little bird is set on fire. We enter the world of China. Mulan and her crew come out to play and hovering over your shoulder you await your fortune while a beautiful display of crackers lights up the room.

To accompany the flavours of China and your fortune you get a mouth full of Pardonnez – Moi 2008 Cinsaut wine.

Finally, Le Petit Chef takes us back to his roots and takes us on a journey of spice discovery and he presents to us his signature dessert. 

The journey is ended with rich aromas of coffee beans and full cream milk. A journey was taken, food was experienced, and new friendships were made. Let’s lift a glass of excellence and first-class treatment to Le Petit Chef and Dinner Time Stories.

Merci Beaucoup 

Mr and Mrs Muller would love to thank owner Paul Rouessart and Le Petit Chef for their hospitality and all-round extravagant experience.

To see more of the theatrics, go to @meetmrsmuller on Instagram and look over the Dinner Time Stories highlight – unless you don’t want to spoil the events for yourself. 

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