Boat Cruise Baggage

I love that the floral print is here to stay a little longer. Boat cruises are just as in and that is what inspired me to share these looks with all you B’loved beauties. Do not throw away stripes; they have a style of their own. I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I do.

Look 1

Flower top – Free2BU (Edgars R249.95)

Pants – Free2BU (Edgars R279.92)

Bag – Forever New (R499)

Look 2

Flower dress – Forever New (Edgars R1499)

Look 3

Jumpsuit – Forever New (Edgars R1599)

Look 4

Dress – Forever New (Edgars R1199)

Shoes – Free BU (Edgars R299.95)

Look 5

Bodysuit – Forever New (Edgars R599)

Skirt – Forever New (Edgars R999)

Shoes – Free2BU (Edgars R299.95)

Look 6

Cami – Forever New (Edgars R499)

Skirt – Forever New (Edgars R799)

Shoes – Free2BU (Edgars R99.95)

Look 7

Pants – Forever New (Edgars R899)

Cami – Forever New (Edgars R499)

Look 8

Dress – Forever New (Edgars R1399)

Shoes – Free2BU (Edgars R99.95)

Look 9

Kimono – Forever New (Edgars R799)

Bag – Kelso (Edgars R129.95)

Slops – Kelso (Edgars R129.95)

Look 10

Dress – Forever New (Edgars R1199)

Bag – Forever New (Edgars R399)

Look 11

Top – Free2BU (Edgars R199.95)

Bag – Forever New (Edgars R899)

Pants – Free2BU (Edgars R279.95)

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Laters my B’loved Beauties

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