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Women are climbing the workforce ladder these days by the second. Women are more motivated than ever to make a success of their futures but also to be able to provide for their families. These days women are becoming the men that they wanted to marry. Getting ready for an interview can be just as exciting as nerve-wracking. 

As someone who has been interviewed a few times in my life and also conducted some interviews myself, I would love to share some free advice.

The Sloth:

The rusty one, the one who barely brushed her teeth, oh excuse me having coffee early in the morning eliminates the toothbrush. If you have a no care attitude in your interview it will show through your outer appearance as well as your inner state of mind. Do try and look presentable as well as go through your minimum requirements for the job, I mean why else would you apply or waste your time?

The Know it all:

There is a difference in having the knowledge and being a little miss smart ass. Try to impress by playing on your strong points and should you not know an answer, rather answer with “I am more than willing to do my best or to learn from the best.” Assuming you know everything might just be the assumption of all doors closing in your face.

The Sales Lady:

Be confident, but never oversell yourself, because every person is replaceable, unfortunately. Make sure you understand what is expected of you and if you are unsure, rather ask than just assuming you can wing it. Also never copy someone else’s work in the workplace, except for it being very distasteful and unethical it shows more about you as a person with no backbone or no creativity. 

The NEVER to do list:

  • Never WhatsApp or SMS the employer on the specific job opportunity to keep it professional at all times and use email as a form of communication.
  • Always address the person you are talking to in writing with respect if they are a professional in their field make sure to call them professor, headmaster, doctor etc. 
  • Never lie about your qualification.
  • Never be cocky – even if you don’t agree. You don’t need to take the job in the end if you have strong feelings about a statement made, but always try to remain courteous and humble during your interview.

Dress to impress at your interview, here are some helpful styling tips: 

Look 1: “Dressing for comfort”

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Look 2: “The Posh dresser”

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Look 3: “The girl in the dress”

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Look 4: “With a touch of fur”

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Look 5: “Basic in black”

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